Stories for Seniors

Where a Loving Voice is Needed

Stories for Seniors brings literature – read aloud – to a population that needs human contact and stimulation – our senior citizens in retirement homes, assisted living residences and at senior centers.

Each month, a professional actor visits each participating senior facility to read a one-hour selection of short stories, poems, or interesting articles to senior audiences.

Many people of advanced years can no longer read for themselves; many suffer isolation and despair. A warm, engaging voice can serve these people not only by reading but by discussing issues brought up by the readings, which often evoke personal responses from the listeners. And, of course, the personal interaction of the reader and the residents can lift spirits and restore peace of mind.

There is no charge to the facilities nor the residents for Stories for Seniors. Please email or call 619-297-8953 if you are interested in scheduling a reading for your community of seniors or if you would like to make a contribution to support this important work.