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Encourage reading, analysis, and critical thinking through the interest and expression of the individual student.

Middle and High School Students will READ either the full book, or selections from THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET by Sandra Cisneros. Students will RE-IMAGINE the images, themes, or characters and then CREATE a project in a medium important to them.

All artistic mediums qualify: painting, sculpting, musical composition, sewing, dance choreography, poetry, short story, graphic novel, comic strips, digital art, fashion design, culinary creation… the list goes on! From painted skateboards to full-length operas, Read! Imagine! Create! encourages students to find something they relate to in a text and express it in a way that is meaningful to them.

Submissions are displayed in area libraries in the spring, and all are considered for CASH PRIZES. Awards and recognition are presented at a public ceremony.

FREE BOOKS available upon request!

Classroom Workshops

Write Out Loud offers Classroom Workshops to help students get started on their submission project, or jump-start their creativity. For this year’s book selection, we offer SHORT-FORM AUTOBIOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS to guide students through analysis, and towards writing their own, original short story in the style of the book. VISUAL ART WORKSHOPS are also available to inspire students to create!

Short Form Autobiography Workshop

A Teaching Artist will lead a class session on close reading, analysis, and appreciation of one or more chapters from the text. Students will then use a guided prompt to write their own original piece in the style of the book.

​In-Class Time: 45 minutes +

Visual Art Workshop

A Teaching Artist will present a variety of project examples and discuss how theme, character, plot, and imagery inspired or informed the pieces. Students will then have the option to plan their own project or to begin their creation.

​​In-Class Time: 45 minutes +

Award Ceremony

An Award Ceremony and Performance is held in April. Students receiving special recognition are presented with certificates and prizes. Professional actors read winning Literary submissions, and a slideshow of winning Visual, Digital, and Graphic art is displayed. We’ve even screened student submitted video projects, and presented original songs, choreography, and fashion!

Award Winner receives prize for Literary Composition
Award Winner of Literary Composition
Award Winner performs Original Song
Award Winner performs Original Song
Award Winner performs Original Dance
Award Winner performs Original Dance

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Artwork Displays

Submitted artwork is prominently displayed in libraries all over San Diego County for Students, Teachers, Parents, and the Public to enjoy and be inspired by.

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Links and Resources

Study Guides & Lesson Plans

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