Ripples From Walden Pond

by Richard Platt

Ripples from Walden Pond” is a 55-minute one-person play written by Richard Platt appropriate for Middle and High School Literature and History Students.



This dramatic distillation of Thoreau’s life, writing, beliefs, and philosophy, is highly accessible, relevant to young people, and immensely entertaining. Experiencing “Ripples From Walden Pond” will not only bring Thoreau to life for the students, but will also enhance their understanding of complex ideas of civil society, a person’s obligation to the society and the importance of personal contemplation for development into a whole person.

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  • Performances are followed by a talk-back with the actor, Steve Smith.
  • Study Guide is provided
  • This program is provided without cost, through the generosity of passionate private donors.
  • Please email for more information and/or to schedule a performance.