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Instructions for Visual Art Submissions

  • Two-dimensional art MUST NOT exceed 30” x 30”. Three-dimensional art MUST NOT exceed 24” x 16” x 24”. Entries exceeding these dimensions will not be accepted.
  • Please submit your project as you expect it to be displayed with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.
  • All pieces must be securely attached. Loose pieces may get lost or damaged during transport.
  • The submission form MUST BE physically attached to the project (taped, stapled, clipped, etc) – not set on, or tucked inside of it. If a form comes loose from its project in transport, it is very difficult for us to identify the project, and may result in your project being lost, not returned to you, mis-categorized, or not accepted.
  • Your project will be transported a minimum of three times. We will take every precaution to care for your project, but please take precautions yourself to ensure that your project does not come apart during transport.

If you are submitting independent of a class or school, please:

  1. Print out the Visual Art Submission Form, then fill out the requested information.
  2. Physically attach the form to the project, and
  3. email to arrange pick up.
  4. Please specify in the body of the email that you are turning in a project independently, and would like to arrange a pick-up date.

Please DO NOT send an email containing only the submission form.