Liar’s Contest

TwainFest Liars Contest

August 17, 2013


Please contact Write Out Loud at 619-297-8953 or

to pre-register for this contest

If pre-registration is not possible for any reason, please see below.



11:00 am – 11:30 Check in at TwainFest information booth

12:00 noon – Preliminary Round (all participating liars required) at Print Shop

1:00 pm – Final Round on the Main Stage



Any liar of either sex, age 16 years and over may compete



1st Place – A BOOK by or about Twain

2nd Place – A bottle of Essential Essence Extracted from Mark Twain

3rd Place – Mere Money



Maximum Length – 3 minutes

May be original, stolen or borrowed

Speak extemporaneously or from memory – no script or notes allowed

Decency – lying is a family affair, keep it clean or risk disqualification

Costume – wear whatever serves your tall tale but be dressed; no nudity

Props are not allowed



10 finalists will appear in alphabetical order

Your tale may be recorded and published and/or shown elsewhere



Judges will assess your story for originality, boldness, story development, quality of presentation, and – most important – believability

Audience response will be considered by the judges

Judgements are irrevocable unless overturned by Mark Twain himself

Overtime – If you exceed 3 minutes you will be disqualified

Disqualification will be made only by unanimous decision of judges and is irrevocable



Though this contest may seem to be a lighthearted matter, it is in face a solemn exercise devoted to maintaining the ancient and honorable art of tall tale telling (sometimes known coarsely as lying) on the lofty plane it has attained through countless centuries of daily use; and to preserving and perfecting it to continue serving the interests of mankind, today and forevermore.  With this weighty responsibility in mind, let us proceed with decorum appropriate to this purpose











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