Past Readings

Other shows
10/22, 10/23: One Book, One San Diego: Caleb's CrossingLibraries: check event info for specifics10/23/135:30pmMap
TwainFestOld Town State Park08/17/1311:00amMap
Food For ThoughtCygnet Theatre Old Town06/10/137:00pmMap
Fahrenheit 451 Film ScreeningMira Mesa Library 04/26/133:00pmMap
Ray Bradbury - An HomageCygnet Theatre Old Town04/15/137:00pmMap
Opening Night! The Big ReadCygnet Theatre Old Town04/01/137:00pmMap
Orpheus SpeaksAthenaeum Library03/25/137:30pmMap
Voices of IrelandHorton Grand Theatre03/18/137:30pmMap
Giving Season VICygnet Theatre Old Town12/10/127:00pmMap
In the Shadow of the MasterDove Library, Carlsbad04/17/127:00pmMap
Voices of IrelandHorton Grand Theatre03/19/127:30pmMap
Danse MacabreCygnet Theatre Old Town10/31/117:00pmMap
Go Dove Library, Carlsbad06/21/117:00pmMap
GoCygnet Theatre Old Town06/20/117:00pmMap
GoCygnet Theatre Old Town06/18/1112:30pmMap
Orpheus SpeaksAthenaeum Library05/02/117:30pmMap
Wild Women Don't WorryDove Library, Carlsbad04/26/117:00pmMap
Wild Women Don't WorryCygnet Theatre Old Town04/18/117:00pmMap
Wild Women Don't WorryCygnet Theatre Old Town04/16/1112:30pmMap
Surround Event--Ladies of Lavender and LaceLyceum Theatre04/10/116:00pmMap
The Berlin Stories in Association with Cygnet TheatreCygnet Theatre Old Town04/04/117:00pmMap
Voices of IrelandHorton Grand Theatre03/14/117:00pmMap
Voices of Global Women OutloudUCSD Price Center03/07/117:00pmMap
Surround Event--Carl Sandberg's ChicagoLyceum Theatre02/26/117:00pmMap
Hearts Afire - This date is subject to changeDove Library, Carlsbad02/22/117:00pmMap
Hearts AfireCygnet Theatre Old Town02/14/117:00pmMap
Hearts AfireCygnet Theatre Old Town02/12/1112:30pmMap
Giving SeasonDove Library, Carlsbad12/20/107:00pmMap
Giving SeasonCygnet Theatre Old Town12/13/107:00pmMap
Giving SeasonCygnet Theatre Old Town12/11/1012:30pmMap
Quoth The RavenDove Library, Carlsbad10/26/107:00pmMap
Quoth The RavenCygnet Theatre Old Town10/18/107:00pmMap
Quoth The RavenCygnet Theatre Old Town10/16/1012:30pmMap
Ripples From Walden Pond - An Evening with Henry David ThoreauCygnet Theatre Old Town10/04/107:00pmMap
Twain Told TalesDove Library, Carlsbad08/24/107:00pmMap
Twain Told TalesCygnet Theatre Old Town08/23/107:00pmMap
Twain Told TalesCygnet Theatre Old Town08/21/1012:30pmMap
Voices of IrelandHorton Grand Theatre03/15/107:30pmMap
Lincoln's ShakespeareCygnet Theatre Old Town12/08/097:00pmMap
Ireland Speaks - Write Out LoudLyceum Theatre11/17/096:00pmMap
Prism, Prose & PassionDiversionary Theatre11/07/092:00pmMap
SD City Beat Fiction 101Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge10/19/096:30pmMap
What in the WorldCygnet Theater - Rolando Stage06/06/092:00pmMap
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