Fahrenheit 451

READ Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury

Re-imagine the images and themes in the book into a medium that is important to you.

Cash Prizes will be awarded to winning entrants (age 12 years to 24 years) in three categories –

Literary Art          Visual Art        Performance Art

Create – a poem, a short story, a dialogue or monologue, an illustration, a book jacket, a graphic novel, a costume or set design, a film/video, a musical composition, a rap, a science experiment, an essay on book burnings, firefighters, other non-fiction topics, etc.  The options are as vast as your imagination.

Student Creations will be presented as part of a month long Community Wide Celebration in April 2013.

If you prefer – select a book, story or poem you would want saved in the event that all literature was destroyed, then memorize it (or a portion of it), as the characters in Fahrenheit 451 do.

There will be opportunities for public recitations in April, for those who are interested.


Submit your project here OR contact Write Out Loud at writeoutloudsd@gmail.com