Schedule for TwainFest

Saturday,August 19, 2017

The schedule for 2017 is still being planned.  For an example of what to expect, take a look at last year’s schedule:

Literary Performance Schedule - FOR WEB


All Day  (11am-5pm):  Flagpole Key area

  • Chortle This:  Create New Words
  • Telegraph Crunch: Condense text to 15 words to send an economical telegram
  • NeverEnding Story:  Add your contribution to stories made up by the passing crowd
  • Fishing For Words:  Little ones use a magnet to catch a rubber duck and find a word
  • Daniel Webster’s Frog Toss:  Throw the bean-bag froggie
  • Calaveras Jumping Frog:  Launch the bean-bag frog with a catapult (to a target or longest distance)
  • Letter writing booth
  • Quotation Machine:  What do you want to know? Mark Twain will answer from within the Quotation Machine
  • Color Me Twain: Little ones can color pictures of Twain and his best known characters
  • Wheel of Fiction:  Complete the quote and win prizes
  • Spelling Bee
  • More details coming soon!