Artistic Director, Co-Founder
Veronica Murphy
Veronica Murphy has been performing on San Diego area stages for over 20 years. Her work with local companies includes Cygnet Theatre Company, Ion Theatre Company, Lamb’s Players Theatre, Lynx Performance, North Coast Repertory Theatre, Pam Turner Dance and Tonic Productions. Veronica’s recordings of audio books for children are available at

Executive Director, Co-Founder
Walter Ritter
Walter Ritter is a Resident Artist at both Ion Theatre and Lynx Performance. He has also performed at Lamb’s Players Theatre, Sledgehammer, Moonlight Stage, Starlight and others.


Literary Advisors

  • Edwin Eigner
  • Teresa Link
  • Richard Platt
  • George Weinberg-Harter
  • Carey Wall
  • Tim West

Board of Directors 

  • Veronica Murphy
  • Susan Platt
  • Carolyn Reilly
  • Walter Ritter
  • Jack Van Sambeek
  • Linda Spuck
  • Jennifer Weddel Montgomery