TwainFest Prep Begins

The event isn’t until August but Write Out Loud begins work on TwainFest long before then.

Already the boxes of books are piling up, as we accept book donations throughout the year for the Book Emporium booth at the Fest.  If you haven’t been to TwainFest before (make sure to remedy that this year, as it is going to be great!), we give out tickets for the free activities you participate in and you can exchange tickets for free books at our Emporium.  For instance, you go to our Calaveras Frog Tossing Contest and throw a frog (for free) and you get a free ticket.  Collect five tickets and you get a free book.  Easy, isn’t it?  The only difficult part is on our side–getting the books and getting them ready for the event!

We have also put out our call for volunteers for this year’s festivities.  If you are interested, please let us know!  Read more about what we need

Now that our regular season of performances has ended for awhile, we are hip deep in planning for TwainFest and beyond.  Keep an eye out on our blog here at our site for more information.  We will have a lot more to tell you soon!

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